kate knox


I'm a classically trained violinist, originally from London, England. However, these days, I enjoy playing many different genres of music including contemporary, pop, standards, swing, jazz, country, Celtic and folk music.

I can play either solo, acoustic violin or electric violin with or without backing tracks, for weddings, receptions, parties and events.  We can add other musicians to our duo if a trio or quartet is desired.

I am a member of the Cayman National Orchestra and have also played with several bands on the island, playing anything from island-style music, rock and roll, country and even reggae.

Trinity is a unique trio of guitar, violin, vocals, and percussion, brought to you by Jeff Alban, Kate Allenger, and Luis Eden. They play an eclectic, laid-back mix of music to suit many occasions, from many well-known artists such as Bob Marley, Cat Stevens, John Mayer, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and many more. Feel free to come and request a song and we’ll try our best to please!



Trinity at Grand Old House

Trinity at Grand Old House